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Successful fundraising enables WorkMotions AB to accelerate the market introduction of DynaDesk

An investment from CBC Investment Group will enable increased marketing activities to boost future sales of DynaDesk. WorkMotions AB has developed DynaDesk – a patent protected ergonomic office desk that prevents stiffness and pain in the shoulders, neck and arms due to excessive computer work. DynaDesk has a built-in-floating platform that is constantly moving, slowly and smoothly in a fixed track, resulting in a gentle movement of the shoulder, neck and arm muscles. Aside from preventing pain the users feel more relaxed and can stay focused.


CBC Investment Group AB, is a venture capital firm focusing on making post-seed capital investments into the Nordic tech sector. The portfolio currently consists of 16 growth companies with strong management teams, unique customer offerings and global potential. CBC takes an active ownership role in its investments. To increase its financing resources, CBC benefits from the power of its unique 22 000 person strong member-network of investors. Investment Group has its headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden.