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DynaDesk – Office Desks

DynaDesk™ revolutionizes The ergonomics

Everything is positively affected!

The patented DynaDesk ™ solution is a Swedish innovation that helps you to prevent pain in the shoulders, neck and arms when sitting still in front of a computer screen.

…Alla som jag låtit prova bordet säger att det fungerar!

With no requirement for new behavior, the desktop keyboard moves continuously. This makes you move slowly and change posture, increasing blood circulation to the muscles, reducing the risk of static strain and increasing your well-being.


All ergonomists and doctors says that prolonged static load is not good for the body. It is strongly recommended to exercise regularly, such as a micro break or alternate standing and sitting at the workplace. DynaDesk eliminates the static load and replace it by a dynamic movement that you do not have to think about.


The dynamic movement built into DynaDesk relieves shoulders and arms without you having to think about it. You quickly get used to the very soft and slow movement of the keyboard. It usually takes no more than half an hour to get used to the movement.


The movement of the desk increases blood flow in the muscle groups found in the shoulders, neck and arms. This counteracts the pain conditions that can occur from a static load.


When the static load is replaced by a dynamic movement, you feel better and have more fun at work.


DynaDesk unit to mount into an excisting desk.

DynaDesk, complete hight adjustable desk

DynaDesk as YOU want it!

DynaDesk can be produced in almost any shape or colur. Please contact us for more information.

This is how it works

A section of the desk moves in a downward-outward and upward-inward path, causing the muscles that hold the arms and shoulders to move slowly and smoothly. The movement is completely silent and is driven by an electromechanical device controlled by an electronics unit.